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What is an eBay suspension and how to deal with it?

Posted by DiscountedGoodsStore on April 29, 2019 at 9:45 PM

What an eBay Suspension Looks Like

  After all the warning messages, eBay will suspend your account and the process will look like this.


  • You’ll get a message from them saying your account has been suspended.
  • The suspension will usually be 7 days, 10 days, 30 days, or indefinite (with a total loss of privileges).
  • eBay may include recommended actions you can take.
  • They’ll also tell you the terms of your suspension.


During the suspension, you won’t be able to use your account until it’s over. When it is, your privileges will be restored automatically.

Some suspensions will still allow you to sell current listed items but you wont be able to list new product or make changes.

Common Reasons for eBay Account Suspensions

Saying an eBay user can get suspended for violating eBay’s policies is pretty broad, so here are the four most common reasons users get their accounts suspended.

1. Late Shipping Orders

  One of the biggest deciding factors buyers make when narrowing down choices between buyers is shipping time. And if you’re late on what you promised, you’re at risk of buyers complaining. But late shipping isn’t just about when a product arrives, it’s also about when you send it out. Once you’ve received payment, you shouldn’t be exceeding more than a day or 2 to have it shipped out. eBay prefers you to have 1 day handling times.

2. Late Tracking Number

  Buyers get anxious about the status of their product shipment, and a tracking number helps them see where the item is during delivery. But if you’re late in uploading that, then eBay can’t validate it and share with the customer — which tells the buyer you either have a poor workflow or you didn’t ship the product with a tracked service (or both!). I would never ship out a product without having tracking. This is one of the easiest ways to get scammed because you can not proof that you shipped the item. All they have to do is wait to receive it and realize there is no tracking. Boom! They get a free product and their money back or an extra item.

3. High Transaction Defect Rate

Even though buyers don’t get to see your defect rate, it’s important to keep it low to protect your reputation and sales volume.

4. Low Case Resolve Rate in the Resolution Center

  Although it might seem like Amazon is the leader in customer support, you should in no way take that to mean that eBay places customer support low on their priority list. They very much care about their buyers’ happiness, and you should, too, by writing listings, taking care of issues/complaints/questions, and resolving cases in the Resolution Center with this in mind.

Although these tend to be the most common reasons a seller may find their account suspended, there are more serious ways it can happen too.


  • Being negligent or consistently late in paying eBay fees.
  • Listing an item that isn't allowed, such as counterfeit handbags, trading cards and video games.
  • Use multiple eBay accounts to sell the same items.
  • Having consistently poor metrics and not improving them.
  • Payment method is out of date (credit card expired)

The Downsides You Can Expect During an Account Suspension

  The biggest disadvantage to an account suspension is a loss of sales during the term. Since you won’t be able to sell products, you won’t have money coming in. And because eBay uses PayPal, you’ll notice the lack of cash right away. Even though the two are separate companies (and have been since 2015), there is still a lot of co-mingling between them and the effects of a suspension from one can be felt with the other.

  Another problem with an account suspension is the fallout on a personal and employee level. For you personally, getting hit with a suspension can lead to feeling helpless, anxious, emotionally low, and much more. Your employees, on the other hand, may be frustrated to see their boss getting an account suspension, especially if they’ve brought up these issues before and they’ve been ignored. You’ve got to work on both fixing the problem and reassuring employees things will change and be better — and then actually enacting those changes.

  Once you have been blacklisted, getting back on eBay is nearly impossible. eBay is diligent about keeping the site clean and free of scammers. eBay will have personal information on file about you so they can match up your new account with your old suspended account. Information includes:

  • Name
  • Address
  • IP address
  • Bank account information (via Paypal)
  • Others in your household who have accounts

  eBay frowns on sellers having multiple accounts. It is fine to have multiple stores, in fact, some sellers have up to eight different stores as a way to separate different kinds of inventory or keep income streams separate from each other. eBay is vigilant about keeping repeat offenders off the site. So it is not a wise move to try to immediately open a new account because that effort may fail and you will be in an even worse situation than if you contacted eBay to explain what happened.

Contact eBay Directly

  Members who are suspended by eBay are suspended for legitimate reasons. Usually, a suspension is due to a rule violation, failure to pay fees or one of seven reasons eBay outlines in their terms of services. If you have been suspended, call eBay directly at 1-866-540-3229 and ask about ways to resolve the outstanding issues on your account.

  Don't be afraid to call eBay and discuss the issue. They know sellers are real people with real lives and things happen. Sometimes being reinstated is as easy as paying your fees because your credit or debit card on file has expired and it just needs to be updated. Calling and talking to an eBay customer service representative can be time-consuming, frustrating and exhausting. If you have a 

Be Honest and Explain Your Unique Situation


  The most important thing to remember when trying to have your eBay account reinstated is to be honest and get the representative on the phone to see you as a real person who has had a life crisis or personal issue that affected your ability to run your business. eBay wants to know that you realize you made an error and that you want to follow eBay's policy in the future. Some real reasons why your account may have slipped include:

  • Death in the family
  • Serious illness - your own or a family member
  • Serious injury - your own or a family member (such as a car accident)
  • Unexpected travel due to a family crisis
  • Natural disaster - your or a loved one affected by hurricane, tornado, or blizzard

  eBay is not the monster many people make them out to be. They understand that things happen in sellers' lives and their business may be affected by a personal tragedy or crisis. Once eBay has reinstated your account, you will be allowed to sell again using your old account.

Final Thoughts

  Getting your eBay account suspended really sucks, but think of it as a wake-up call instead of just brushing it under the carpet. Fix the issues outlined in your suspension, develop a new plan of action to avoid the problems that led to the suspension, then ride out the time until you can get back to selling. While you’ve got that time on your hands, a good use of it would be to research what your competitors are doing and then adjusting your pricing so you can hit the ground running when you’re back.

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